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through my photography, I want to communicate the emotion and power of nature

and to transport you into the moment along with me

a moment to be experienced forever

Looking for beautiful nature photography?  You've come to the right place!

Landscape Photography

my most in-demand product!  from tropical islands to barren deserts, Garsha18 photography captures true unforgettable landscapes.

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Nature photography

from sunrise to sunset to darkest night, Garsha18 has got something for everyone.  Not only landlocked, you'll find dolphins, waves, and whales, as well.

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Travel photography

With garsha18 photography, you don't have to leave home to see some of the most beautiful places on earth.  whether you've already been or dream of going there, you can have a permanent reminder on your wall.

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Black and white photography

for collectors who prefer black and white art, you can't go wrong with garsha18 photography.

if you're looking for fine art black and white photos, don't hesitate to check out my collection of black and white work!

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What makes Garsha18 photography different?

a simple mission

Garsha18 PHotography's mission is simple, but not easy ~ to communicate, through photography, the emotion and power of an experience and to transport the viewer into the very moment, as if they were there sharing the moment with me.

A unique background

with a background that includes a twenty year military career as well as being a surgeon, Garsha18 applies the same focus and dedication to creating beautiful images that you can enjoy forever.

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one of the best parts about Garsha18 photography's site is its up-to-date mailing list.  simply sign up to receive notification of new blog posts, new content, and upcoming adventures!

reasonable prices

if you're looking to decorate your home or office (or both) with affordable, highest quality artwork, your search if officially over!  once you check out Garsha18 photography's reasonable prices, you'll find yourself filling your shopping cart before you know it!

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What people are saying about Garsha18 Fine art photography

"amazingly captured, love the shades!"

"good composition.  loved the overall mood.  really nice."

"so much expression...Strong emotions...underlined, just wow!"

"spectacular!!  Pronounced layers on layers!"